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Jeweler's Silver

TypeSizePriceEst. Cost @ $16.61
Fine Silver Shot (99.99%1-99 t. oz.Market + $1.50/t. oz.$18.11/t. oz.
100-499 t. oz.Market + $1.00/t. oz.$17.61/t. oz.
500-999 t. ozMarket + $0.75/t. oz.$17.36/t. oz.
Sterling Silver Casting GrainMinimum 25 t. oz.Silver Price + $3.00/t. oz.$19.61/t. oz.
Minimum 50 t. oz.Silver Price + $2.50/t. oz.$19.11/t. oz.
Minimum 100 t. oz.Silver Price + $2.25/t. oz.$18.86/t. oz.
Minimum 250 t. oz.Silver Price + $2.00/t. oz.$18.61/t. oz.
Minimum 500 t. oz.Silver Price + $1.80/t. oz.$18.41/t. oz.
Sterling Silver Solder  $17.86/t. oz.
Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver Casting GrainSilver Price + $5.00/t. oz.$21.61/t. oz.
All terms Net Payable by Cashiers Check or Wire Transfer.
Orders below 100 t. oz. are subject to $25.00 handling fee.
Orders above 100 t. oz. and below 1000 t. oz. are subject to $15.00 handling fee.
(Handling charge does not apply on metals returned against incoming scrap.)
Minimum Shipping and Insurance charge $15.00.
Prices are subject to change without notice - please call to confirm.